What makes a good ad?

And Decoding Client Speak


Digital advertising is different

Most people can sit through a TV commercial and laugh at a tiny gecko. Or flip through a magazine with their glossy ads. But the average consumer has become immune to internet advertising, effectively ignoring most banners, pop-ups and cornerpeels they come across. Some users find online banners intrusive and downright annoying.

That’s why digital advertising is different. And needs to be treated differently.


Focus on the customer

The basis for any good ad is its idea. Think about your clients' potential or loyal customers. What would grab their attention? What kind of promotions would they like to see?

Here are some key points to consider:

Show the benefits

Sell a product’s benefits instead of its features. Why should the customer be interested in this product? What does it do for them?

Focus on the offer

If there is a special promotion that the client wants to highlight — make it the focus. Don't try and include everything about the business.

Empower the consumer

There's only a matter of seconds to grab their attention. Make it easy and interactive for the user. The ad should be visually stimulating and easy to read.

Tips for design

1. Keep it Simple: Simplicity in design is a must. Crammed ads get poor results because readers don't want to work that hard to get information.

2. Trust: The quality of the design dictates to the consumer the trustworthiness of the company. The more trustworthy a product and/or business appears, the more likely the consumer will click on the ad. Catch their interest, not just their eye.

3. Branding: In order to achieve a successful and professional designed ads — Creative Services should follow proper branding guidelines for the company. For example, all versions of a company logo (preferably in vector format AI or EPS), colors, fonts and professional grade photos should be provided.

Decoding Client Speak

How to ask the right questions to deliver the right ad and realize the right results.

1. "What would you like on your ad?" This question is one that you want to wait last to ask. Why? Most clients don't know what they want to advertise upfront. They'll say things like, "I want something catchy!" or "Make it pop!"

2. Questions to start with:
• Who is clicking on this ad?
• How do you want your customers to feel about your company?
• How are you different from your competition?
• If a potential customer got one thing from this ad, what would it be?

3. Why this helps: By getting to know your client, their business and customers, it helps you to understand your clients' needs and goals.
• Giving your client what they wanted.
• Reduces revision time.
• Better results.
• Establishes trust as a marketing expert
• Can establish trust in Media General as an advertising authority.
• Opens the door to up-sell.

Code Busters

Take Away

Key Points to take away from today's Webinar:

1. Know what we're selling and who we are selling it to (using the four questions) and be as detailed as possible.

2. Pin down the most important message that will get the user interested enough to click.

3. Work in partnership with CS to deliver the most credible and least obnoxious ad possible.


Thank you!

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